Isabelle Massalski Traduction (EI)
Translation, Proofreading, Review, Localisation, Post Editing
39, rue Bataille, 69008 Lyon, France

(+33) 6 27 76 97 92

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  • German (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) - French
  • English - French
  • Medicine: neurology, psychiatry, forensic medicine, naturopathy, expertises contents, medical and hospital reports, medicine books and booklets
  • Technology: product presentations and catalogues, user manuals, user informations, mechanical engineering, automotive and railway technology, renewable energies
  • Proofreading to correct errors of grammar, spelling and typology
  • Review as part of the quality assurance of the translation
  • Because a translation must be suitable in the target language and culture
  • This process consists of improving the quality of an automatically by computer translated text.
  • Processing and saving in the format that you want or the most suitable for your text
  • Identical or customised layout of your documents
  • Creation and updating of your lexical database, for a specific project or for your company

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Isabelle Massalski Traduction

39, rue Bataille
69008 Lyon

+33 6 27 76 97 92


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